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Victorian Counter Pots


Our collection of Victorian ironstone paste pots with lids would have been originally used in nineteenth century counter-service food stores, and in chemists and dispensaries for beauty products. They have a wonderful weight, exceptionally pleasing shape and a tactile high-polish finish. They now make beautiful and practical butter or sea salt holders for the table. Grouped together, they're stunning.


Throughout the Victorian era and up until 1920, many household commodities such as toothpaste, cold cream, bear grease, hair pomade, ointment, fish pastes and relishes were packed and sold in round, white ironstone pots with lids. Many were printed with advertising, yet many were unadorned and left plain, presumably to be re-used for a succession of different unguents, powders and victuals. Eventually they were tipped, and before the end of their life. Buried in the ground for over 120 years, they are now being rediscovered and un-earthed from Victorian dumps. Their pared-back pleasing shape and ironstone colours provide a glimpse into Victorian utilitarianism and into nineteenth century daily life and its needs – which now chimes with our own twenty first century ideals and aesthetics. 

Year of manufacture: 1880 - 1915

Origin: England 

Material: ceramic ironstone

Condition: recently unearthed from a Lancashire Victorian tip, their century below ground has dealt them beautiful coloration and crazing to their glaze. Now purged of dirt and chemically cleaned, they are fit for purpose again. They have varying degrees of wear-and-tear, with some staining, rust spots, scratches, crazing and chips. Yet this all adds to their timeworn charm and character.

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