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1930s Bulkhead Wall Lights


We have sourced several of these wonderful 1930s heavy-duty bulkhead wall lights with prismatic glass. The detailing is superb, with chamfered edges and Art Deco style corners, and each is fitted with its original ceramic bulb holder. They can easily be wired by an electrician once mounted on your wall.

We have had the aluminium casing stripped of paint and polished, and the prismatic glass cleaned - for they had been removed from a factory and were covered in inappropriate layers of paint and the glass clogged with decades of grime. The metal casing holds a chamfered prismatic glass shade and this hinges open for easy access. They would make great bathroom or kitchen lighting, and are similar to the lights we use in our own restaurant kitchen - see image.

We have two sizes, medium and large, and we are selling them individually. So after studying the images and dimensions, please make your choice in the box below.

If you would like to see them for real, then please do, as they are currently on display in our store. 

Country of origin: UK

Date: c.1930

Materials: aluminium, ceramic and glass

Dimensions large bulkheads: Height 28.5cm  Width 18.5cm Depth 13.5cm

Dimensions medium bulkheads: Height 23cm  Width 15.5cm Depth 12cm

Condition: excellent. Originally they would have held a rubber seal between shade and casing, however the seals are somewhat perished and so the lights are best suited for indoor use, or outdoors where sheltered.