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Mid Century Anglepoise Desk Lamps


We have four very good-looking vintage Herbert Terry Anglepoise desk lamps, model 90, designed in the late 1960s and manufactured in the 1970s. Each have their original paint finish, three springs, a weighted base with lever arms, and a button switch to the flared adjustable shade. 

We have two white and two mushroom coloured lamps at £195 each. Please make your choice in the box below.


In 1931 George Carwardine developed an idea for using springs, cranks, and levers to balance weights. Experimenting with his concept, and using springs developed by Herbert Terry & Sons Ltd, he eventually managed to create a durable engineers’ lamp which could be moved into a number of positions – and in 1932 manufacture of Anglepoise lamps began. This Anglepoise changed design in 1969, to model 75, and included features such as a rounded base instead of the standard square shape; it was then further modified and evolved into model 90, and these are the lamps we offer here.


Herbert Terry & sons Ltd 

Country of origin: UK

Date of manufacture: c.1970

Material: steel with paint lacquered finish


Height when fully extended upward 82cm

Width of shade 14cm

Width of base 19cm

Condition: good with possibly some slight flakes to the laquered paint finish of base or shade, plus the possibility of a very minor dint to the shade (see images), yet nothing that wouldn't be expected from a lamp that has seen 50 years of use.