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Garden Beet Forks


A collection of three very handsome vintage beet forks, that most likely date to the 1920s. They can also be used for potato lifting.

We are selling these garden forks individually, so please study the second image and then make your choice in the box below.

A) Beet fork / "PC Nash & Co Stourbridge" / 8 tines

Length 94cm  Width 30.5cm

B) Beet fork / 10 tines

Length 107cm  Width 31.5cm

C) Beet fork / 8 tines

Length 92cm  Width 29.5cm

Condition: these garden tools have seen a lifetime of work, so they are well used, and have historic splits in their handles, and B) also has some woodworm holes (now all treated) in its handle - yet this adds to their character; and although not as robust as when first made, they are all in working order.


Price does not  include delivery, yet we can arrange this for you. So please do contact us to request a delivery estimate, if required.