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Haws Copper Watering Can


An elegant vintage Haws one pint copper watering can, designed to be used in a greenhouse for watering seedlings or indoors for houseplants. The brass rose can be easily removed for more directional watering and is stamped "Haws Genuine". It still retains its original paper roundel that reads "The genuine Haws, Made in England", which is also stamped into the copper on the underside. Haws are the world's leading makers of watering cans - and also the oldest - and their copper cans are the finest you can buy. Vintage examples are hard to come by, and are beautifully crafted, their Victorian design not changing since 1886.


Originally from Clapton London, John Haws, the creator of the Haws watering can, was by his own account quite an unsuccessful gardener. Yet in 1884, while struggling to grow vanilla during his British colonial service in Mauritius, he set about designing his own watering can, to improve his gardening fortunes. In 1886 he secured the patent, established the Haws company, and described his unique design as "this new invention forms a watering pot that is much easier to carry and tip, and at the same time being much cleaner, and more adapted for use than any other put before the public." His watering can soon became popular with leading gardeners, winning awards for its high quality.

Stepping in to continue his uncle's work, Arthur Haws moved the factory from London to Bishops Stortford, where he employed around 40 craftsmen. A stickler for quality, Arthur was obsessed with perfecting the watering can roses, and employed a worker for the sole task of painstakingly punching every hole into each rose, spaced and tapered to absolute perfection. This attention to detail helped fight off competition from cheap imported replicas, and maintained Haws' reputation at the pinnacle of the world of watering cans - as can be seen in our perfect little watering can offered here.

Width: 11.5cm  Length: from handle to rose 36cm

Volume: 1 pint

Origin: England 

Material: copper and brass

Condition: excellent