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Potters' Crates


We have just ten of these wonderful vintage potter's crates. Once used in the Staffordshire potteries for transportation of greenware (unfired ceramics) to the kiln, each pine potter's tray has time-worn slot handles, metal corner braces, and a plywood base. They are great for home storage, as they can be stacked one on top of the other, and would work well in the kitchen, office or shed as sliding drawers under a table or other work surface. 

There are 8 shallow trays (left in image) and 2 deep trays (right in image) - please make your choice in the box below.

Country of origin: UK
Date: c.1920
Material: pine, metal and ply

Length 61cm Width 41cm Height 10cm

Condition: having seen decades of factory use, these crates now bear the scars of their toil. Yet it's these scuff marks and scratches that make their patina; and although we've had them carefully cleaned and buffed, their true character remains.