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Rustic Chopping Boards


A wonderful collection of antique and vintage bread boards and chopping boards. Their time-worn, knife-cut, and scorch marked surfaces are full of character and warmth. They also make excellent communal serving platters for air dried ham, antipasto, breads, cheeses, and pickles; and when not in use, look great as a backdrop when propped up on the kitchen side.

We are selling these separately.  After reading the following description of each board, please make your choice in the box below.  Board A is at the rear, board D is at the front:

A) Large plum-shaped round board: L 58cm W 47cm / made from a single piece of wood / small split to edge (see image) £115

B) Dark stained rectangular board: L43cm W22.5cm / three character splits at the base (see image) £65

C) SOLD Light coloured rectangular chopping board: L 40cm W 19.5cm / scorch mark top left (see image) £68

D) SOLD Pale round board: L 33cm W 25cm / small split on one side and small chip bottom left (see image) £68

Year of manufacture: 1930 - 1950

Origin: Europe

Material: various woods