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Vintage Tala Housekeeper's Tidy


A fabulous vintage housekeeper's tidy manufactured by the famous Tala brand and most likely dating to the 1930s. It has its original orange-red paint, internal tray and a pivoting handle. The underside of its base is stamped "Tala Made In England".

The housekeeper's tidy is the handiest way to transport your cleaning materials, cloths and brushes around the home - and the most convenient way to store them too. It can also be used to carry and house other things like tools, bottles, art materials or, even, vegetables. It just can't help but be handy.


Taylor Law & Co Ltd was established in 1899, by Frederick Taylor and Thomas Law, to satisfy the developing Victorian kitchenware and hardware market across Britain. They produced a wide range of metal goods for the kitchen and garden which proved to be very successful. The factory created products that ranged from baking pans and icing syringes to galvanised tubs, and travelers’ trunks.

After WWI the founders’ names were combined to create the ‘Tala’ brand we know today. Continuing to supply Britain with a developing range of kitchenware gadgets and icing equipment, Tala quickly became a household name and flourished in the 1930s through to the 1950s, which is when our gorgeous housekeeper’s tidy offered here was most likely made.

Country of origin: UK

Date of manufacture: c.1930

Material: tin

Dimensions: Length 31.5  Height including handle 40cm  Width 23.5cm

Condition: good, with some scratches to the paint, as would be expected from its many decades of toil. See images.