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Enamel Fish Slice


A good white enamel fish slice, the underside marked "Made In England" and it dates to the 1930s.  Original early enamel utensils, and in good condition, such as this one, are becoming much sought after, and more difficult to find. 

History of enamel in the home

Up until the mid 19th century kitchen utensils were either wood or polished steel. Although the enamelling process had been invented hundreds of years before, it took the Industrial Revolution to drive forward the quality of vitreous enamelling and its application to everyday household objects; and by the end of the 19th Century enamelled kitchen items of all shapes and sizes had become commonplace.

Year of manufacture: c.1930

Origin: England 

Material: enamelled steel

Dimensions: Length 30.5cm  Width 8cm

Condition: excellent