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Large White Feather Duster



A full head of white ostrich feathers set on a long pale wood handle makes up our much sort-after white feather duster. It is excellent for all your dusting needs that require the lightest of touches. White ostrich feathers are the rarer feathers found underneath the bird's wing and are more difficult to come by – and so we apologise if from time to time we are out of stock of this item. 

Once considered a status symbol in the late 19th and early 20th centuries, ostrich feather dusters are seeing a 21st century revival in their popularity.  Ostrich feathers trap dust, so dirt is removed rather than displaced; for the fine feathers contain millions of fibres that hold dust particles in an iron-like grip, and all that is then needed is a good shake outdoors after cleaning.   Excellent for dusting around extra delicate objects.

Ostrich feathers, varnished wood handle, leather cuff and hanging strap

Length 70cm