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Antique Carpet Beater


We have a collection of these Victorian carpet beaters, all different in design yet similar. Woven from rattan - the tendrils of a climbing palm - they make a cool piece of wall art when hung up on a plain background or on the back of a door. Graphic and very pleasing. As they are one hundred years old or more, we wouldn't recommend they are used for their original purpose. They have done their time, and elegant retirement in their old-age is now best.

Please note: your carpet beater may vary slightly in design from the one that is depicted.

Country of origin: UK

Date of manufacture: c.1900

Material: rattan with metal fixing

Approximate dimensions: length 75cm Width 26cm

Condition: good with a little wear and tear from over 100 years of carpet beating

If you are looking for a carpet beater to actually use, then we also sell them brand new - click here